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  I am a mom to three beautiful kids.  I have been a labor doula since 2002.  I decided to be a doula after the birth of my second child.  I cherish my first son's birth the most because it made me realize how unprepared I really was. It was long and exhausting but also empowering because I then made the decision to educate myself. The second time around I knew that I wanted things to go a little differently.  So I read as much as I could and stated my wishes to the midwives.  His birth was amazing.  I felt that I was in control of the birth.  I then decided that I wanted to help other women experience their best possible birth.  Since starting as a doula, I have cherished every birth that I have attended.  It is always a humbling privilege to be a part of such a beautiful journey.

  I have been with moms in the hospital setting who were attended by Obstetricians and/or Midwives.  I have had the privilege of being able to support women birthing vaginally, multiples, Home-births, as well as cesarean births.  I hope to also give support to women desiring to have a VBAC. (vaginal birth after cesarean)

My Philosphy:
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I believe that every woman is entitled to "her best" possible birth experience. Birth is a very normal, natural process where your body tells you what is best at various times during the labor.  I believe that women are strong and powerful and given the time, patience, and environment can trust their bodies to birth their babies. 

My goal is to help the mother have a positive and safe birth, in whatever choices she makes.  It is exciting, appreciated, and humbling to be personally involved in providing a gentle safe birth for "my families".  It is better to create the opportunity of a positive birth long before labor begins.  I believe that having a doula present at a birth can make a great impact on how a woman later perceives her birth.  I also believe that every woman deserves a doula.

~ helping your birth be a gentle beginning ~
"We are so glad that Michele was with us for the birth of our daughter.  We can't imagine 
what it would have been like without her there. She brought such a peace and sense of 
security to an experience so full of unknowns."
~ Emily & Chris~

Michele Nelson 
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